Product Photography

Product photography is essentially showing your products in their best light. Whether you are selling directly to your customer, selling through your website or through a third party such as Amazon or Etsy, high quality pictures are vital.

There are different ways to display your products and each have their place, often with differing technical requirements.

Product photography spirit bottle

The spirit of Arran. craft Gin product photograph

More Examples of Product Photography.

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Product photography on location

Product photography Hercules Propeller

I prefer to photograph products and people on location, although I have a studio set up for product photography. My service is very flexible to suit your needs, so if you do not have premises or work from home, we can arrange another location. I can collect products from you or you can send them to me directly.

Your Products, My Insurance.

Products are valuable so I am fully insured to protect your assets while they are in my care for making the photographs. As a member of the Association of Photographers, I have member insurance to give us both peace of mind should the worst happen. The client does remain responsible for goods in transit, but once they arrive with me they are in safe hands, you can relax in the knowledge that your products are safe.

Product photography glass.

Glass is a tricky but beautiful material to photograph.

Photoshop and Post Production.

There are times when images need to be tweaked either for visual impact or to add a logo to a pre production prototype for example.I have the software and the ability to deliver to your requirements. This type of post production process can be time consuming so it necessarily adds to the cost of the finished set. Please allow additional time when planning your shoot if you require heavily edited images.

Kettlebell composite art image

Kettlebell composite photograph art

The kettlebell is a composite of two images, a highly polished stainless steel kettle blended with a cast iron weight to form a new and interesting image.

Product photography simulated magazine cover

An edited product shot for Saikou Apparel Glasgow clothing brand as it may appear on a magazine cover.

If you have any questions please ask. My approach is to get you the images that you want and need for your business to flourish.Call for more details with no pressure and no hard sell or fill in the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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