About Me.

It’s important to say right off the bat that this is not about me it’s about you. Specifically what I can do for you.

You probably don’t really care where I’m from, what kit I use or how long I’ve been doing what I do. I know that you are really interested in finding out if I can solve your problem and if I’m likely to rip you off, am I right?

I am certain that I can help you and do so in a way that you will find to be of great value. The services I provide are an investment rather than a cost. Together we can multiply your message without any additional input from you. Just think how much more business you could bring in if you worked twenty four seven. I know it probably feels that you already do, but it is possible to have your best you out there.

It is clear to see that the desire to support local business and to deal with real people rather than faceless brands is on the increase. It is difficult and time consuming to do that in person but that does not mean that you can’t do it at all. I know that from personal experience and I can help you to know it too.

So here I am.

Bringing 30 years of experience in asking questions, gathering information and compiling it in a useable way. I have been in business for myself for more than five years and have been  producing online content for even longer. It would be my pleasure to discuss your needs and wants in person, by phone or Zoom before you need to make any decisions. I have a physical address at the bottom of the page that you can visit if you still feel the need. Have a look at my portfolio to help you decide, but rest assured we can work together to get you exactly what you need.

If you would like any further reassurance then we are probably not a good fit for working together and that’s ok. If you are happy to give it a whirl and see where it takes us then please drop me a line and say Hi.

Jim Walker content creator at Write Image

This marketing thing is a serious business but it can still be fun.