I am delighted to say that I have taken on the role of Sony brand representative within Wex Photo & Video store in Glasgow.

It is fascinating how opportunities come around when you begin to stretch and raise your profile. One of my more ambitious and longer term goals is to become a brand ambassador. As a relative newcomer to professional photography I had estimated that this goal would be five years, perhaps more in the making. Research for another project uncovered this particular opportunity with Sony, a significant stepping stone perhaps? It seemed rude not to explore the possibility.

James Walker, commercial photographer and Sony brand specialist. This image was taken at the launch event for the Sony alpha V at Brooklands, England October 2022. Concorde aircraft in the background.

James Walker Sony Brand specialist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Photo courtesy of Sead Kahrimanovic.

I had been looking for a second camera body, exploring mirrorless options when I came across this opportunity. A real chance to expand my network and to find out how brands operate, from the inside. In the few short weeks that I have been in post I have learned an awful lot and met some fascinating people. I have also had the chance to try some of the latest camera technology for myself. My head has been turned, not by money or slick marketing, but by actually working with the cameras.

The shift to mirrorless with the accompanying decline of the DSLR is seismic. The pace of progress is incredible with Sony leading the field. DSLR sales across the board only account for 24% of the market now with no sign of that graph levelling out. it’s only a matter of time before the big brands stop making them altogether. Sony is at the forefront of that revolution, a real disruptor in the marketplace causing the big two to sit up and take notice. The ability to bring technology from the games industry, the movie industry and other electronics sectors has made them the brand to catch for sure.

My role in store is to help customers make the decision to buy based on actually handling the camera. Most have already researched the options in detail online but nothing beats actually holding the hardware to confirm those ideas. Build quality and ergonomics are fine to read about. Dimensions and weights mean very little until you hold it in your hand. The real eye opener though is experiencing the clarity and speed of autofocus for yourself. Reading about eye tracking technology is one thing but seeing it in action is something else altogether.

Why not pop in and see for yourself? Let’s chat, there is never any pressure.