Branding Photography.

It is all too easy to let important things slip when you are working flat out. Things like marketing, updating your blog and looking ahead to the new season.Where are you going to fit some personal branding photography into all that? I genuinely hope that you have managed to sort out your priorities and get up to date. If not don’t be too hard on yourself, you are by no means alone.

The new year brings new opportunities and of course challenges. It is the year of stories in Scotland so there has never been a better time to tell yours. I know only too well how easy it is to get lost in day to day tasks. Unfortunately I also know what it is like to lose a business to Covid. Warmest wishes and positive vibes go especially to those who find themselves struggling due to restrictions. Hopefully the tide will finally begin tot turn on this awful situation and support will come. I want to help you boost your business through strong branding photography and written content are more important than ever.

Branding Photography for Covid Recovery.

If you need help to recover from the restrictions imposed by covid or the lack of custom due to fear of the disease then I have an offer for you. I want to help because I have been there too, let’s face it, none of us are out of the woods yet. I have space for collaborations, we can trade and find ways to support one another. This has to be a limited offer and it cannot last. I do not want to put time limits or too many conditions on it, but I am open to a discussion. This is a genuine offer to small businesses with no strings attached, we can help one another.

Let’s launch into 2022 with a clear vision, strong branding and fantastic stories to share. Business branding and personal branding photography are intimately linked. It is a genre I particularly enjoy as it is portraiture with a deeper meaning. We are strong and adaptable people, we have to be in business. Let’s help one another.
Happy new year everyone, I look forward to seeing you and telling your story soon. Good luck.

Jim Walker
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Shake on the deal

A handshake is something that’s been missed for the last year