The year may have started with a whimper rather than a cheer but for many business owners it has not been wasted time. I for one have been using the time to sharpen my skills while reviewing what is actually important. I’m certain that I am not alone in doing so. How can your business benefit from this trend?

Major surgery to photographs in post production is not really my thing, but the skills are certainly useful. The kettlebell may be quite frivolous but I have learned a great deal from the process of making it. Indulging my creative side is not something that I have allowed much time for in the past. It has forced me to think differently though so that has to be a good thing. Seeing with a fresh eye from a new perspective definitely deepens understanding and empathy. Those are clearly qualities that will benefit clients and their customers in the coming months.

The skills that enabled me to create the kettlebell allowed me to explore other possibilities with composite images. Product photography can be a very difficult thing to get right for the client. There are things that can only be properly controlled in a studio so my usual approach of doing everything on location has led to compromise. That is no longer the case, although I still much prefer real life to computers. I like getting things right in the camera rather than being locked in the study with some software.

Time to make that Brew.

A coffee beckons as gin is not my cup of tea. I hope that you will check out my portfolio and if something takes your fancy then please drop me a line. Next on my to do list is exploring the best way to include an online shop, to increase my understanding of the process for customers as much as to earn a bit extra.

I have more scope now to produce pieces of art that could not (or maybe just should not) exist in real life. I’m working on a picture that recreates a piece of local history that I hope people will enjoy. The town played host during the war to a unit that modified flying boats to RAF standard. The new owners of that old aeroplane would never risk her or their licences flying so low over the town, but it makes for a striking image.

My skills can help your business flourish so if you need a hand, let’s talk.

Stay awesome. Jim.

Kettlebell composite art image

Kettlebell composite photograph art