Welcome to Write Image.

Hello, as I write the sun is shining but we are still in lockdown. Some things have undoubtedly changed forever, hopefully settling for boring stock images for your website is one of those things. I am certain that I have not been alone in turning to the web during this time of semi imprisonment. Looking for inspiration and sourcing the things we need for what we can still do was revealing. I have been astounded at how many businesses are settling for generic, bland content for their pages.

The trend to support local business has been on the rise for some time. COVID19 has given that sentiment a real boost. It is unbelievable just how many businesses have such a poor presence online. We would never dream of having out of date stock on our shelves, dirty windows or litter in the doorway in real life. A stroll down the virtual High Street though gives the impression of a plague that happened years ago. Did we miss it?. Is anyone still out there?

You are there all the time but do you show up?

I’m sure like most of us now, the first thing you do after having an idea is to Google it or ask Alexa. You may discover that the idea is a well established thing, a flight of fancy or an opportunity to be grasped. That quick search may also turn into an impulse purchase. Folk are not yet as reckless as to add the first option to the shopping cart, but if your business is not online or your presence is poor then you have potentially missed a customer.

The reality is that business owners are busy running their business, dealing with things that are right there in front of them. How easy it is to neglect the paths that brought those customers there in the first place. It must be working, right? Maybe, but how much better could it be? How many more sales could you be making? If you appeared more interesting (or at all) in the search results, would you be flourishing? Almost certainly, especially if you make the effort to show how unique you are.

Customers are still looking for the reassurance of quality and service, especially online, so show them. Reviews can be faked, pictures can be misleading and refunds can be difficult to obtain. If you saw a local business that had exactly what you were looking for with smart pictures of the team who made it, the premises it was made in and happy customers enjoying it, would that make a difference? Would you even be happy to pay a little more? That is often the case for many people. Compare that to a bland stock image from a faceless brand with no contact details. Which one would you choose?

I Write Your Story…

I help local businesses thrive by taking the stress out of taking pictures and writing content to improve their image online. Working with interesting people who have the commitment to take their own lives into their own hands to do what they love is fascinating to me. I want to help you share that passion and lifestyle with your customers. Authentic content is the order of the day so I write in your voice to tell your story, your way.

Save time and money by having me write your blogs, web pages or social media posts. I work out what to say with you while shooting custom photos to complete the story. If you are stuck for words or writing is not really your thing, that’s totally fine. You do you and let me take care of it. Spur of the moment selfies and quick mobile shots are great for showing your personality and business life. Keep taking them and post more of them. Perhaps you do need a better foundation though and professional looking team or product shots too? It is hard to take good pictures of yourself in action, so let me do it for you.

As a small business owner myself I know that flexibility and cost control are major factors so I am very happy to discuss what you need and help you achieve it. Let’s talk to  help you find the balance and get just what you need just when you need it.

Check out my portfolio page and please call if you have any questions or you would like to discuss your next project.

Thanks, Jim.