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Commercial photography & marketing service, Write Image are based in Ayrshire near Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our speciality is helping charities and not-for-profit social business stand out by showcasing your work and brand personality.

NEW for 2023.

A partnership between James Walker photographer and Katie Trotter Marketing means that we can offer a better service, training or a done for you package to help charities and social enterprises become more effective through increased visibility.


A consistent online presence increases trust and awareness just like your sales team does. Photographs that show what you do, how you do it and what makes you unique, work 24/7 for you. That is, without the  overtime or extra milage costs.

Effective social media, PR and online marketing is essential but often difficult to devote the required time to when there are pressing core business needs.

Reach new markets, increase revenue, attract funding and provide an even better customer experience by showing your value, without wearing your team out. 

Let's get visible.

In an online world it’s more important than ever to show customers who you are. As a t team of commercial photographer and Marketer we help charities and nonprofit businesses show up for their customers without all the awkward posing or having to master ever changing algorithms.

Meet James & Katie.

Hi, my name is James Walker and I’m a commercial photographer specialising in making traditional companies more visible online.

Your stories need to be told, shared and celebrated. I’d love to be part of that process. Marketing and selling your services is a serious business but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. If it isn’t fun what’s the point? I take my work seriously but I have a very lighthearted approach to working with people. especially those who don’t really want to be in front of the camera. I can completely understand that feeling. 

I am a member of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Association of Photographers. These organisations exist to support photographers, but also to uphold standards in the industry for the benefit of the consumer. 

An introduction from Katie herself!

This project was born as we realised that we had similar ideals and a shared desire to have more of a social impact with our work.

We both wanted to move beyond the purely commercial approach to support the fantastic work being done by charities and social enterprises in Ayrshire.

My name is Katie and I’m CEO of Katie Trotter Marketing, specialising in helping businesses understand and grow on social media.

Social media is a vital part of running a charity in 2023 and we are here to help you with it. Having grown over 100,000 followers across social media, I love helping other people learn all the tricks in the book and also how social media content creation can be fun AND fast.

All too often I hear about people’s fear of posting on social media, but I can help you around that- it gets easier, I promise!

I have worked with several mental health charities for young people during my teen years and am so thrilled to be working with James in this role to help even more charities. We look forward to working with you. 

First time working with Jim, really easy going and fun to work with. We had an outdoor portrait shoot and even though the weather was terrible and locations were difficult to find due to the current situation, he kept my spirits up. He is a great photographer and I’d highly recommend him.

Ashley Rider

Online Media Entrepreneur.

Jim, these photographs are amazing, you made all the location shots look like they were done in a studio. I don’t know how you did that, thanks!

Chris Black. Actor & Fitness Brand Ambassador.

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Branding Photography Offer.

Branding Photography Offer.

Business and personal branding photography in Ayrshire. Support local and invest in yourself. Business portraits, personal branding, photography and written content.

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